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When you book TOMMY RED MEDIA, you are booking a passionate and highly qualified photographer based in Los Angeles and Hollywood, California, with a wide portfolio of major projects.

My clients describe me as always being full of energy, with a creative approach to Photography & Videography, and excels in ...

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There's No Substitute For A Trained Professional

Because of my extensive experience in the field, I am able to handle any type, level, and scope of video production job. No matter the content brief, I can draw on my knowledge and skills to create incredible, highly modern video content for any client. 

I’m Competitive on Price

As a Photographer and Videographer with years of experience, I know how dear events can get, so I aim to provide a service that is competent and competitively priced. 

When I cover your event, party, or concert, I want you and your guests to relax and relish in the moment... and know that your in the hands of a PRO.


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Kim Kardashian Reveals What Really Led to Her Divorce From Kanye "Ye" West
Published on February 9, 2022. In a new interview with Vogue, Kim Kardashian revealed how prioritizing her happiness led to so many changes in her life, including her Feb. 2021 split from Kanye "Ye" West.
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